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Mastering techniques to develop the imagination

Magalie Tracqui's visual practice finds a resource in the figurative pop art of Hey! Modern art & pop culture, which stimulates her desire to master a greater number of ancient and contemporary technical skills while giving free rein to her imagination. She shares the 3 concepts of their manifesto: "unity through diversity", "the resistance through imaginary" and "the value of modernity or action of the modern".

The year 2023 was rich for her in technical know-how, as she undertook several initiations by professionals specialized in stone and wood carving for sculpture, but also for tableware or wooden furniture, as well as mosaic decorations. At the same time, she continues to develop courses for her students, using programming as a tool to create small interactive and visual programs. For her, everything is material for creation, as long as she finds meaning in it. A meaning she never ceases to seek, turning over her paintings to see something else, and then continuing to paint with this new inspiration.